i’ve started playing a game with myself. it doesn’t really have any rules, and maybe it’s not actually a game, but that’s what i’m calling it.

every time i notice myself feeling bad about something silly - whether that’s anxiety about speaking to people, frustration over a videogame, or whatever else - i’ve started to just laugh at myself.

i’m not sure if this is something i’ll be able to keep up long term, but i hope that it is. it’s really refreshing to be able to just laugh things like this off. i don’t have any tips on how to start doing it because it wasn’t a conscious decision on my part, but if you can then i’d really recommend it.

it’s helping me stop myself from being a shitty person when i’ve had a bad day, and i’m happy about that! it’s a great feeling. it’s also helping me stop avoiding doing things i enjoy just because i can think of a few things that might go wrong.

if you’ve found any similar (or dissimilar) strats that work for you to accomplish roughly the same thing, please do get in touch! my email address is rcnly@[] and i’d really love to hear from you!